Buying a cordless drill

For heavy-duty construction and repair tasks, you need a cordless drill. However, if you lack the knowledge on features to look for when making a purchase, this will certainly be a hard task. More to this, you may end up buying an inferior quality drill. Start by looking at Porter Cable Pcck600lb cordless drill review for more tips. Here are a few aspects that you ought to consider when buying cordless drills.

Factors to consider when buying a drill


Size and weight of the drill

This is one of the key aspects to consider when purchasing a drill. You should settle for a drilling machine that you feel comfortable carrying and working with. If size and weight are of great concern in your daily operations, a small drill would be more convenient than big drills.


A chuck is a metallic part that is responsible for making holes on surfaces. The material used to make the chuck should be of good quality. Another key aspect to check when buying a drill is the diameter of the drill. It should be appropriate for the nature of work or be able to make drills of various diameters.


A good drill should have more than one gear. Thus, it would be wise to inquire of the latter when making a purchase. Nevertheless, most drills have two gears. Nonetheless, it is imperative you make an inquiry of the same just to be sure. Gear 1 has a low speed and is ideal for twisting force that makes a screw drive. On the other hand, gear 2 has a higher speed, and this makes it ideal for rotary drilling. More to this, a geared unit will allow you to drill and also to use it as a screwdriver.

Handle design

Cordless drills have different handle designs. However, most have a T-shaped handle that redistributes weigh. In return, this translates to comfort. It is prudent to have a feel of the drill before making a purchase. This way, you will have a feel of the different designs and settle for the one that guarantees you comfort.



This is another aspect to consider if you want to finish your work fast and enjoy efficiency. When buying a cordless drill, it is wise to go for one with a high voltage. This will allow you finish your task fast. Best of all, it will take care of the need of recharging your drill often.


Cordless drills have varied torque settings. This torque is responsible for adjusting the gear. You need to change torque setting depending on the drilling task and the degree of penetration of the screw. An adjustable torque will allow you to make necessary adjustments, thus avoiding damage. As such, considering torque settings when purchasing a cordless drill is of the essence.