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How to Effectively Break into Innovation Consulting

Among the careers that are considered to be prestigious by many people is innovation consultancy. This is due to two major factors. The first one being that it offers tremendous and encouraging intellectual challenges and the second one which motivates many other people is the financial reward that comes with it. You will come across individuals and firms that offer consultancy services ranging from finance, IT, HR, among other fields. While there are many ways on how to break into innovation consulting, it is a requirement that you have an outstanding academic background, and you be a good all-around performer. But how do you get into innovation consultancy?

Getting in

For one to be admitted, flourish in innovation consultancy, they should be bright people, who possess the practical intelligence and ability to come up with solutions to those problems that are considered as being complex. They should be individuals who can work in harmony with other people and must be prepared to work for long hours as there are times that they will have to work under tight deadlines while under pressure.


Another characteristic that one should have to break into this field is flexibility on how they do there work and perform their duties. When you get into consultancy, more so innovation consultancy you should know that you will not be keeping a diary or mapping out tasks to perform in the coming let’s say six months. This is because consulting can be very unpredictable at times you can be absent from your office for some days or even months because you are mostly attending to clients in their sites.

Getting on

Here are the skills that you will require to survive in the field of innovation consultancy.

Development of skills

business consultantWhen you want to be competitive and remain relevant in this field, you will have to develop three major skills, you should be able to develop the core/major consulting skills, for instance, you should be good at analysing basic innovations, you should also know how to engage clients and the most important of them all, you should have the required knowledge of running innovation projects successfully. Ensure that you have all the required knowledge of the main industry elements this is because as a consultant, you are required at all times to demonstrate unquestionable expertise in the innovation sector.

Some other desirable skills include:

Good interpersonal skills

As a consultant, you will need to possess and develop good interpersonal skills. This is important as it will help you to smoothly relate to people either within or outside your organization. Ensure that you have skills to build a good rapport between you and your clients or even your fellow workmates.

Excellent data comprehension

Be it you are working on your own as an innovation consultant or working in a consultancy firm; you should be able to comprehend and interpret new data easily. As an innovation consultant, you will be coming into contact with a lot of new data. Thus you cannot risk taking too long to analyze any new data that you come across.