Tips to survive on the wild

Sometimes we are used to the electronics and all the nifty tools we had for our daily appliances, but what if we’re forced to use what we have in the wilderness? here we have written several tips on how to survive in the wild. Whether you’re going on a hike with your friends or (hopefully not) stranded in a forest or an island, make sure you read these tips to save you from the wild nature.

Communication is important

If you’re going with your friends or a group of people, always communicate with them. Even when you’re going for a pee break or something, still tell them the information before going away. The lack of communication will cause panic in your team, which is not something that you want when you’re out in the wild. Bringing a communication whistle is a good idea as well.

Water is number one

The human body can last for a week without food, but your body won’t last more than two days without water. In a case of having no food and water, opt to look for water first to avoid dehydration.

Tip: if you found a river or a spot with freshwater make sure to boil it first before you consume it.

Light up the firelkajsdlkjasd

As soon as you get your water, make sure you get started on a bonfire. Lighting up the fire will help a lot, the fire can be used to cook meals, radiate warmth and most of all will keep predators and bugs away.

Tip: there are tons of tools on how to help you make your bonfire if you don’t have those tools make sure you know how to make a campfire at least.



Never underestimate how some tools can make your life easier on the wild forest. For example, a combat blade can serve more purposes rather than for self-defense purpose. Just a simple knife can be used for protection, preparing meals and cutting stuff. A duct tape can help you fix a lot of things, rope replacement for shelter building and on the worst case scenario, it can be used as an emergency bandage.

Tip: make a checklist of what tools to bring before you go hiking, this will help you and your team in case you need it in certain situation.

Calm down

It is so hard to calm down especially when you’re in the wilderness without any help at all, but you have to make sure you calm down. Keeping a cool head will help you focus on what to do and also to make sure you’re sane.…